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Varna, Bulgaria, circa 1969 was not the free spirited spot Woodstock, New York was. Though it was in Varna where Garo Chividjian began his love affair with exquisitely designed and meticulously handcrafted jewelry. Garo immigrated to the United States in 1980, and it was shortly thereafter that the couture customers from Coast to Coast began to fall in love with Varna, the brand.

The Varna creed is simple; Flawless Harmony, Naturally in Balance, Inspires Timeless Grace.

Varna is not defined by marketing saturated consumers. Varna is defined by the jewelry it creates. The Heart and Soul of Varna is it authenticity, its heritage and its conviction to the core design value of balance and proportion. Varna has never been bound by a single genre. Instead, two generations of retailers have looked to Varna to perfectly design and execute treasures for women of every generation.

And so the journey continues as Garo‘s son, Gabi, began overseeing Varna‘s operations after graduating with a business degree at UCLA. Gabi has been bitten by the design bug as well. He is garnering the attention his father created yet with a fresh set of eyes and ears that honor Varna’s heritage while mapping its future.

JB Hudson is proud to be an authorized retailer for Varna.